In order to enhance finer security and control over your data, you can restrict access to Cirrus within a specific IP range. By implementing this approach, you can ensure that only authorized users or devices with IP addresses falling within the defined range can access Cirrus. This can be particularly valuable in scenarios where you want to limit access to specific locations, such as your corporate offices. 

Configuring network access restrictions for Cirrus within a specified IP range not only safeguards your data in the event that an account in your tenancy is compromised but also ensures its overall security. In this article, we'll guide you through the steps to effectively set up and manage these access controls.

To enable network restrictions, please follow the steps below:

1) Log in to Cirrus with an administrator role on Cirrus.
2) Click the Settings tab in the bottom left of the window.
3) Click System.
4) Click on the toggle to enable the feature to restrict specific IP ranges.
5) Click Add IP Range and enter the specified IP ranges you require.

Note: Please be aware that in order to activate this feature and provide direct access to Cirrus for all users or offices, you will need to add multiple IP ranges.

In the event that your IP range changes unexpectedly, preventing access to your Cirrus instance, you have the option to reach out to our support team for assistance in updating or temporarily removing the associated IPs. However, please note that in such cases, we may require you to provide verification for security purposes. 

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