While backing up SharePoint sites, the job will complete successfully but your Cirrus logs say completed with a warning: Cannot change WebPart ExportMode to ‘All’.


When checking your Cirrus backup session logs you may see the following warning.


Processing site "SiteName" finished with warning: Cannot change web part export mode to ‘All’, because custom scripting is disabled for site: "SiteName". Web part will be skipped (web part ID: "ID", page: "PageName").        


To back up Web Parts, Veeam changes the "Export Mode" property of the web part from "False" to "True" to make this Web Part exportable and available for backup. Sometimes changing the "Export Mode" property is prohibited by a SharePoint administrator and thus Veeam Backup for Office 365 cannot change it and back up the Web Part


To allow changing the "Export Mode", you need to enable the "Allow custom script" option on the affected SharePoint sites. If you want to back up Personal Sites, follow the steps described in this article: Allow Custom Script On OneDrive Or User Created Sites

For any other SharePoint sites, follow the steps described in this article: Allow Custom Script On Other SharePoint Sites 


If you are unsure of how to check your backup session logs, please see the following: View Backup Logs.

Help & Support

If you have followed the steps outlined above and the issue recurs in the next backup cycle, or you need help performing these changes, you can access online help at