This article will outline the current best practices when manually setting up Backup Jobs within Cirrus.

If you have more than 200 users to backup, please submit a ticket to Support for assistance in configuring your backups.

Note: To manually edit Backup Jobs you will need to be on a Variable License, and have Manage Backup Permissions enabled on your organisation. If you do not, please submit a ticket to Support requesting additional permissions.

To edit your backup job please follow the Knowledge Base article - How to Edit a Backup Job.

Recommended Job Configuration

Cirrus suggests setting up your backup jobs with the following configuration to ensure timely backups without any issues occurring:

  • Two separate backup jobs per every 200 users
    • All Exchange Objects - This job should include all Exchange and Archive mailboxes for your selected users.
    • All Other Objects - This job should include all SharePoint Sites and OneDrive accounts for your selected users. As well as any Organisational Sites or Teams.
  • Set to a daily schedule outside of business hours.
  • All data that is not required to be backed up is excluded from the jobs

If you require any help setting up these jobs, please email Support at with the desired users and data you would like backed up.