Note: If you do not have any backups in your organisation currently you may not have access to the edit Backup page. 

If you are looking to edit a Selected Items backup, please use the following steps:

Note: Your organisation will need to have edit / trigger permissions for your backup job. If you do not, please submit a ticket to Support via the Portal or requesting additional permissions.

1) Log in to Cirrus using your Admin account. 

2) Click the Backups tab. 

3) Click the three dots in the Actions column, and click Edit

4) To remove users or items: 

a) Navigate to the Edit current backup items tab

b) Select the users you wish to remove and click Delete.

 5) To add more users or items: 

a) Navigate to the Add more backup items tab. 

b) Click Add, and then select the item you would like to add. 

c) Select the users or items you wish to add and click OK 

Please note when adding new users to a job, it will automatically attempt to add all sections of that user's data. 

If your jobs are split into Exchange and Other items backups, you will need to edit the user and deselect the sections you wish to remove. You can do this by selecting the three dots, clicking edit, deselecting the sections, and then clicking OK.